četrtek, 06. januar 2011

Finsk Wedges...Wanted Badly!

Finsk is the creation of Finnish-born shoe designer Julia Lundsten. Ms Lundsten’s father is an architect, and you can see the influence in the structure of Finsk designs. Each pair of shoes are handmade in an atelier in Brazil. Love the shape, love the hell, love the colour combination... I absolutely love Finsk! 

Well at the moment maybe not the right solution for my pocket but aren't those shoes just to die for !?

nedelja, 02. januar 2011

A New Year... A New Beginning...

One of the great things about rolling into the new year is taking the opportunity to let go of the past and look ahead toward the future. With that in mind i will start with my fashion blogging on which im preparing myself for a looong time. So let the show begin...

Ohh and i nearly forgot.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! :)


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