nedelja, 13. oktober 2013

Porcelain Print Sweater

Hello everyone!

I'm really sorry for my long absence but my cam was causing me some troubles... We finally fixed it this weekend 
and  hopefully I will be more regular from now on. Meanwhile happened so much things... 
One of those is also moving into bigger flat.. And considering that my head is lately filled with interior design & decor ideas, 
I was thinking to share them with you now and then. 
What do you think? Would you like to have a sneak peek into our flat and into some of my DIY projects!?

I was wearing: sweater/ ROMWE, shirt / Tally Weijl, pants / H&M, shoes / Zara
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petek, 04. oktober 2013

Insta Mix

German classes, moving into bigger flat, spending most of our time in furniture shops 
and lately even some unknown problems with my cam are the reasons why I'm not posting regulary last days.
I hope everything will get back to normal really soon, but till then
I'm leaving you with some of my latest Instagram photos... 

1. Celebrating my B day
2. My B day cake
3. Present from Xiara

4. Home made pizza
5. Goofing around
6. In photo booth with my friend

7. Day of German unity in Stuttgart
8. Ootd
9. On the way to school
10. Trying out 'Pumpkin spice late'

(My Instagram username: @sladzi)

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