četrtek, 19. december 2013

The Singer

Not much to say today.. 
I'm just really happy to be at home, near my family these days.

I was wearing: faux fur/ Primark, shirt/ second hand, pants / Mango, wedges / Zara

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♫ Chris Schummert - I'm a singer ♫

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četrtek, 12. december 2013

Online Finds - PersunMall

Considering that I am on 'shopping diet' lately I really have to keep myself away from temptations and so far I'm quiet successful.
Normally when I would be bored I would just dress myself and run to the closest shopping mall but lately situation is a bit different...
I started to use my free time in more useful way... Wait for it.. I started to bake :)
So I'm slowly becoming a little pro in that case (it still sounds like science fiction to me) and I really enjoy it.
I just hope that end result won't be +10 kg on my weight.

However, my shopping diet don't forbid me to check online shops so I made two collages
with PersunMall goodies in case Santa don't know what to leave me under the tree this year ;) 

6. jacket, 7. skirt, 8. sweater, 9. ankle boots, 10. bag, 11. necklace
illustration source: http://antoniosoares.tumblr.com/

Which is your favorit piece!?

Till next time,
xxx Slađi

torek, 10. december 2013

Fast Car

It was just a matter of time when will even I afford myself (a must have piece of every blogger!) a pair of skorts :) 
So after crazy 'skort boom' this summer and after seeing them in all possible ways, here is even my version...
Probably not so innovative, but I hope you will like it anyways ;)

I was wearing: skort / Udobuy, shirt & necklace / H&M, sweater / Pimkie, boots / Zara
photos: thx to my friend Olga :*

I got my skort thanks to Udobuy which is by the way holding great X'mas sales at the moment. They offer you a twelve days of Christmas discount starting on December 12th. But don't forget, each day closer to Christmas offer less discount. Beside that they have also prepared coupons with specified discounts (from 10 - 50%) which are waiting for you in your shopping cart. You can find more about their products and activities on their home page: www.udobuy.com

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♫ Tracy Chapman - Fast Car ♫


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ponedeljek, 02. december 2013


And December is already here. Can you believe it!? Because I totally can't. Time is seriously just flying by lately. 
And as a biggest  'anti-winter type' of a person I'm most of the time hiding at home, ( + eating of course) 
and not doing anything except being lazy ( this should be my latest excuse for not posting regularly) 
However yesterday I finally picked my ass up and went for a short walk.
And that was even the opportunity to make an outfit photos after quiet long time. 
I was wearing my cutest winter jacket which I got thanks to ROMWE
And to that no words are needed, all I can say is just "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" :)

I was wearing: denim coat / ROMWE, pants / Mango, shirt / Primark, shoes / H&M

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♫ Jamie Woon - Shoulda ♫


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torek, 26. november 2013

Insta Mix

I'm quiet busy lately with loads of stuff but Instagram continues to be my big obsession...
For all of you who are not following me there I prepared quick update post as a sneak peek into my every day life...

My Instagram username: @sladzi

Have a nice Tuesday evening!
xxx Slađi
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ponedeljek, 18. november 2013

Oil And Water

My dream jacket from ROMWE has finally arrived and I couldn't resist not to wear it (immediately!) 
Thanks to surprisingly warm November I just add a big, chunky scarf to it and I was ready to go... 

I was wearing: jacket / ROMWE, shirt & scarf / Zara, pants & shoes / no name, belt / C&A

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♫ Incubus - Oil And Water ♫


petek, 01. november 2013

Keep Your Head Up

Hello, hello!

In case someone was asking himself.. yes, I'm still alive :) 
I just found out being a 'good blogger' and moving at the same time is mission impossible, 
well at least for me. As much as I'm trying to make outfit pics, at the end of the day there is always something which prevent 
me to upload them on the blog. So I will stop to apologise because it don't make sense anymore :)
Yesterday I went for a walk with my school mate into Rosenstein Park, which was absolutely amazing in all those autumn colors. 
We couldn't resist not to make few photos... 

I was wearing: floral jacket / ROMWE, dress / H&M, tights / Zara, shoes / Def Shop

Currently on repeat
♫ Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard ♫


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