torek, 27. marec 2012

Before Sundown

Hello everyone.. Im back from Germany :( and like all 'back to reality' stuff are not enough, I have to learn these days because I have exam next week.. not funny! Anyway, today im leaving you with random outfit pictures, taken today before the sun went down.. Hope u like them! :)

Thank you D. for taking pictures! :)

četrtek, 22. marec 2012

Touch Of Green

Hello everyone.. I´ve been little bit off lately - nothing new for me :$ 
Anyway, I´m again in Germany these days... enjoying the beautiful spring sun, strolling up and down the city, chilling on grass and most important having a great time.. There is bit less time for blogging but yesterday I finally move my ass and made couple of outfit snapshots.. 

I was wearing: jacket & pants-Stradivarius, top-H&M and my lovely Chucks :)

četrtek, 01. marec 2012

Touch Of Purple

Just a quick little post from me today :) I'm totally into 'law stuff' these days because I have a very important exam on monday :S But anyway... this was my yesterday's outfit, when I took a short break from studying and went to a drink with my cousin... Hope u like it!? :)

I was wearing: cap and blazer: H&M, T-shirt: Zara, shorts: Stradivarius (DIY), sneakers: Gravis (gift from a very special person! :)


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