sreda, 29. junij 2011

Crazy Night At 'Isla Marina'

When words are not needed... It was really awesome night! 

nedelja, 19. junij 2011

Chica Va A España

Im so happy to announce that I'm going on little trip this week. This time my final destination is Alicante - Spain.... The city well known after terrific warm weather, long sandy beaches, and magnificent boulevard surrounded all along by palm trees...  Ohh days off by the sea are desperately needed at the moment!

On the repeat button these days... :) 

torek, 14. junij 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Crush

For some time already I am looking around this akward and weird but at the same time most awesome and beautiful shoes ever... Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' boots...  My mouth drops down every time I see some girl wearing them. But unfortunately at the moment I can't bring myself to shell out so much money for shoes... :S Buuut I can dream, right !?.. :)

And JC 'Foxy' sandals are also to die for.. ohh.. im in love :)

Hmm maybe if I start put money on the side... (biiig maybe!) till Christmas they are mine :P
What do you guys think about Jeffrey Campbell shoes? I personally love all of them!!!

nedelja, 05. junij 2011

DIY - Crop Top

Crop tops are back!!! One of my favorite singer wears crop tops all the time.. her name is Robyn.. so I often called them Robyn's tops :)

 Yesterday it was lazy, rainy day and considering that I was at home all day long I decide to make my own crop top from dad's old T-shirt... here is sneak peek into my small DIY project...  

My dad's old T-shirt before rearranging... 

First I have shorten length of T-shirt for about 10 cm...  

..I also shorten the length of the sleeves...

I spice the top with red bow... 

My 'Robyn's top' was done and I can't wait to wear it. Hope you like it :)

sobota, 04. junij 2011

My Red Trousers

My mum often says I am 'trash collector' because I really hard get rid of my old stuff, whether it is piece of clothing or something else. But what can I do when there is always question in my head "What if I might need that someday?" Similar story has happened with my those red jeans. Unbeliveable, but I'm saving them since I was in elementary school :) Last day while I was reorganizing my closet for the hundredth time this month I think, I found them again.. I immediately started with rearranging them when I was sudenly struck with the fact that my figure has been changed considerably during those ten years...and when I say considerably i mean CONSIDERABLY :)  But I was optimistic and rebellious.. With a lot of will, huge effort and after two broken nails I finally made it.. I put them on yupiee :)) (ok, we will forget the fact that I was barely breathing at that moment) So I didn't think anymore, I just grab transperent black top from H&M, black peep toe shoes, my Nikon and run out to take some pics until my trousers don't burst through all possible seams :)  


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