torek, 30. oktober 2012

Old Denim Jacket

Degrees went bit over zero again and I'm really happy because of that. Like I said I was totally not ready for that Friday's snow attack so in wardrobe which I brought with me you can find all except winter jacket :S 
Anyway, over the weekend, which we spent at bf parents house, I found this old, jeans jacket on their attic. It definitely needs some serious DIY action but even like that it don't look so bad i think :)

I was wearing: cap and tee-Zara, jacket and boots-No name, skirt-H&M.

Sorry for the bad quality of pics.. it was already getting dark and apparently it was not my 'photo day' :) 
xoxo Slađi

sobota, 27. oktober 2012

It´s Already Winter Time

Hello everyone! 

Some of you who follow me even on FB already know that I´m again in Germany these days and as I wrote last night, on weather forecast I saw it will snow today... I was kind of sceptic about all that but look into what I woke up this morning, totally unprepared! :)

I was wearing: awesome cap and jacket: Zara, tee:NY-er, DIY shorts, boots: no name.

I wish you all great weekend ahead and I´m sending you
frozen greetings from Germany! :)

petek, 19. oktober 2012

Inside Us All

Today I would like to take a moment and thank to all of you who read and follow my blog. You don't have a clue how much I appreciate that you are spending your time on my blog and leaving comments under my posts. I really can't thank you enough for that! 
If im honest, these days I had kind of weird feeling about all this blogging stuff. I was slowly loosing motivation and I was seriously thinking to give up. But with all your support and after all sweet comments from previous post, that's just not allowed! ;) 

I was wearing: jacket, tee - Zara, pants - no name, boots - VJ STYLE.

Currently on repeat
♫ Creed - Inside Us All ♫


sreda, 17. oktober 2012

Your Winter

Today, while I was reorganizing my closet I came across my aviator vest, which I bought last year in London and it completely made my day.
I don't allow myself any shopping these last months, so for a moment, my little discovery helped me get rid of "nothing to wear" syndrome - well at least for today :) Outfit was totally casual and comfy just the way I like it! 

I was wearing: vest-Primark. sweater-NY-er, jeans and shirt-H&M+DIY, boots-Bershka.

Currently on repeat
♫ Sister Hazel - Your Winter ♫

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi :)

ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2012

Pimp Your Tee With Lace

Lazy, rainy days are just perfect for some easy DIY projects and this time I decided to use some lace which I found at home.
Lace adds a beautiful, romantic touch to any piece of clothing and there are limitless possibilities how you can spice up some of your boring pieces in closet. My projects are totally simple and I hope you will like them :)

first DIY ...
1. I took old Zara T-shirt
2. I cut the lace on half to get symmetrical pieces
3. I place the lace over the front of my tee

4. I glued pieces of lace to my tee with silicon gun
6. For better attachment I also sew the lace onto top by hand
5. Voila! :)

second DIY...
1. I took my pink tank top
2. I cut out small pieces of lace

3. I glued it on the front of the left pocket
4. ... and voila! :) 

I wish you everyone happy and creative end of Monday! Mine for sure is :)
xoxo Slađi

torek, 09. oktober 2012

I Won't Give Up

After that awesome ladies night out on Friday, here are also couple of pictures of my Saturday morning outfit which I choose for a stolling around the streets of Zagreb... cousin...
My cousin was wearing shirt and trousers from Stradivarius & bag and boots from Zara.

I was wearing: Zara jacket, dress-no name, boots - Stradivarius.

Currently on repeat
♫ Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up ♫

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

nedelja, 07. oktober 2012

Ladis Night Out

I spent the weekend in Zagreb (Croatia) and had such a great time and crazy night out with my cousins...

I was wearing: jacket and skirt-Stradivarius, shoes and belt-Zara, bag-VJ Style session in toilet :)

xoxo Slađi

sreda, 03. oktober 2012

Zara Fashion Show 2012/2013

Yesterday I attended Zara 2012/2013 fashion show in Maribor. 
Fall - winter collection include a lot of military patterns, maxi vests, skinny yeans, leather pieces, studds, studds and studds :) I think I dont have to say that it was totally "my cup of tea"! 
Event was really good organised and models did awesome job on the runway (especially the little ones :))  
On pics below I will show you some of my favorite combos...

When I saw those two cutties I totally melted away :) 

(Stradivarius collection) 

I was wearing: H&M blazer,  DIY tee & shorts( you can check my recent DIY's on my FB page:, VJ STYLE bag and my red Chucks. 

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi


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