petek, 29. julij 2011

Little Green Dress

Quick outfit post from the days when the sun was sooo bright that I couldn't get picture without squinting :) ohh I miss those days.. at the moment there is no trace of summer at our place... its more like spring time.. i dont like that..  
Anyway, back to my outfit... Little green dress is from Zara, bought on sales for 'funny' price.. If you still didnt visit Zara sales "Come on.. what are you waiting for" :)

I also took a little nap during shooting :)

Wish everyone awesome weekend!

nedelja, 17. julij 2011

Black And Striped

Today I was wearing striped skirt and black shirt from H&M and boots from Primark. 

Jessie J sing "Do It Like A Dude" - awesome performance!!!

Gosh I love her! :)

torek, 12. julij 2011

Orange Summer

It is sooo incredible hot these days... 
Honestly it's a quiet big problem to put something on yourself and not 'burned' in that... 
So this was my easy outfit to handle that heat wave which hit us. 
I was wearing: crop top: H&M, shorts: NY-er, boots: Pull&Bear.

Currently on repeat 

sobota, 09. julij 2011

I ❤ Erin Wasson

Errin Wasson, American supermodel, designer, artist, muse, stylist, art collector... is definitely one of biggest style icons and trendsetters at the moment.
 What I like the most about her personal style is that in most cases it seems like she has just thrown together some ripped and torn pieces of clothes, which at the end come together PERFECTLY... Convince yourself... :)

All I can say is "Absolutely gorgeous!"

Pics from:,,,,...

petek, 01. julij 2011

Flowers On The Road

This was just another hot day in Spain... 
I was wearing floral print dress from Bershka which I matched with new summer boots from Blanco. At the time when we were in Spain, Blanco has just started with season sales so I couldn't be happier when I saw these booties reduced for half price. Without thinking they were mine..;)


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