nedelja, 23. marec 2014

Get Lucky

I was wearing: blazer / second hand, top / Tally Weijl, pants / Mango, necklace / NY-er, sneakers / Vans
photos: Jelena Filipović

I know, I know.. pictures overload but I seriously couldn't decide which is my favorite so I just uploaded all of them.
I don't now is it about pop of that yellow color or because of another spontaneous photo-shooting
but I'm truly in love with photos - thank you Jelena one more time!
Oh and another 'interesting' story which happened that day.. So as usual I had with me even my backpack
and because I don't found it interesting anymore I decided it to put it on side stairs and make photos without wearing it.
Apparently I was totally into my 'roll' so I didn't notice a little dog which sneaked behind my back
and use my backpack as a perfect place to 'do his business'. Yes you heard me correct, he literally pied on my backpack.
Jelena understood this whole action as a sign of luck and I got it as a sign to get myself a new backpack- necessarily! :)

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četrtek, 20. marec 2014

I Will Made It

I was wearing: blazer / Stradivarius, necklace/ Sammydress, top / NY-er, pants / Bershka, watch/ BornPrettyStore, shoes / H&M

photos: Jelena Filipović

Spring is officially here and I seriously couldn't be more excited.
I don't know about you, but spring brings some incredible positive energy to me. 
Everything seems possible, everything seems easier and ... OK I think I should stop with my philosophizing before I go deeper :) 
So here is my another random outfit captured with an eye of my friend Jelena.
Nearly all pieces of clothing were here on blog already ( like 100 times - sorry!) except my new SammyDress necklace 
which goes perfect to all types of outfits and watch from 
Bornprettystore which will now and then change my poor Casio watch which is slowly falling apart... 

P.S. Bornprettystore is offering to all of my readers 10% discount on their already super cheap prices with code: SLBC10 Don't miss it guys!  

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četrtek, 13. marec 2014

How Long Will I Love You

I was  wearing: jacket & sweater / ROMWE, shirt / ZARA, pants / Mango, shoes / Stradivarius
photos: Jelena Filipović

It seems I'm not so communicative today 
so I will leave the photos speak for themselves...
Jelena again did a great job - thank you ;)

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Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt you have never seen before!
Original price is 39,99 $ but on 20th March will be sold at price 15,99$ 
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ponedeljek, 10. marec 2014

Upside Down

I was wearing: blazer / Stradivarius, top &  backpack / Tally Weijl, jeans / Zara, sneakers / All Star
photos: Jelena Filipovič

Another easy-going outfit which I could name it as my 'uniform' 
and which was totally not ment to be published here on blog.
But my friend Jelena got her new toy (read : new awesome camera) 
which we just had to test out. And I'm amazed with quality of the photos.. 
Hip hip hooray - I guess I finally found my personal photographer :)

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sobota, 08. marec 2014

Midi Crush

I was wearing: dress / SammyDress, jacket / H&M, vest / Primark, shoes / Zara

I have a huge crush over midi dresses for a long time already
but I'm also aware that I'm way to small to pull that dress out. 
So I can't exactly explain what happend to me the other day (probably price!)
 but after seeing this black dress on SammyDress site I decided to give it a try...
So here I am, trying to pull it out somehow :)
As you see it came bit shorter (which technically makes it not 'midi' anymore)
but I'm anyway super curious about your feedback.
No-go or yes-go !? :)

torek, 04. marec 2014

Last Mile Home

I was wearing: jacket, scarf, sneakers / H&M, jumper / Stradivarius, pants / no name

As a big fan of relaxed and easy-going outfits I have to say that slip-on sneakers are totally my cup of a tea.
Browsing through pages, searching for some perfect yet affordable pair made me realize 
that I should own one pair already ( bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago ).. 
So I throw myself into search and here they are... brand new, not even worn :) 
I guess sometimes it pays to be a clothing hoarder :)

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