nedelja, 29. marec 2015


I was wearing: dress - Omara
shirt & backpack - H&M
sneakers - Nike 

After a long period wearing only black, grey and white clothes 
it was about the time to add some color to my life :) 
So here I am, wearing cute, little yellow
dress which I received from my awesome friend Dali (thank you one more time!) 
I matched it with my Nike-ies, new little backpack 
and 'spring in my closet' has officially begun :) 

Currently on repeat
♫  James Bay - Scars  ♫ 

Have a nice Sunday everyone,
xxx Slađi 

torek, 24. marec 2015

Don't Wait

I was wearing: jacket / H&M
dress / no name
sneakers / Nike Air Force 

Photos by my Dali

As I mentioned in previous post I spent few days at the seaside 
while I was in Slovenia and I think I don't need to loose much words.. 
Chilling on the beach with a glass of Hugo (even if in my windstopper :D)
was exactly what I needed. 

Currently on repeat
♫  Mapei - Don't Wait  ♫ 

ponedeljek, 16. marec 2015

Take Me To Church

I was wearing: jacket, skirt, boots / H&M
T.shirt / Zara
bag / no name

Photos by Jelena Filipović

So I just came back from my holidays in Slovenia where I spend quality time 
with my favorite people. This time I afford myself even a short getaway
to seaside and it is unbelievable how just the sound of sea calmed me down
and loaded me with energie. 
About photos... Those were taken before my holidays already 
I just didn't catch time to publish them sooner. 
I was wearing H&M A-line skirt which is hanging in my closet for quiet some time already. 
I guess it's somehow too feminine for me so I often don't know when or how to wear it. 
But this time I decided to dress it down a bit with some basic T-shirt and my beloved leather jacket.
How do you like the end result? :)

Currently on repeat
♫  Hozier - Take Me To Church  ♫ 

xxx Slađi


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