sreda, 27. junij 2012

VJ Style Bag

Hello everyone! 

Sorry for my prolonged absence (again!)..I'm in Germany these days and I don't have internet access all the time, plus I'm also bit busy with preparing myself for the German Summer Course which I will attend in July...
This was my yesterday's easy going combination for strolling over the city and chilling at Schlossplatz:)

I was wearing: jeans shirt - Zara, top & leggings - NY-er, shoes - H&M, bag - VJ Style.

sreda, 13. junij 2012

Call Your Girlfriend

... another easy going outfit for hanging out with my cousin today... Hope you will like it?! :)

I was wearing: jacket - Zara, tee - NY-er, pants - Bershka, shoes - H&M.

Currently on repeat
♫ Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (live)  ♫

I looooooove her!!!

P.S. Couple of days ago I won a giveaway on Deja Zu blog and this way I want to thank her again for so cute present! :)

ponedeljek, 11. junij 2012

DIY - Pimp An Old Tee

Hello everyone... I have to admit it passed a quiet some time since my last DIY project... 
After today's exam I had whole afternoon off so I decided to use that for 'my creative hours'... I find some dad's commercial T-shirt in his wardrobe and pimp it a bit :) 
Tell me what do you think about my final product !?    

...voilà!! And this is how my new DIY tee looks like on me :)

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi.

petek, 08. junij 2012

Green Vs Transparent

Just a quick hello to all of you and a little sneak peek into my today's outfit... Hope you like it! :) 

I was wearing: blouse, trousers - Stradivarius, shoes - Bershka, bag - H&M.

Currently on repeat
♫ Kings Of Leon- Manhattan ♫

I wish you all an amazing weekend! I will spend mine behind books :S

sreda, 06. junij 2012

Who's That Girl

Long absence again... I know, I know...  and I'm REALLY sorry for that but work and school just don't allow me to post as much as I want! 
Here is a glimpse of my outfit which I wore today.. Hope you like it! :)

I was wearing: jeans vest, sneakers-Primark, tee-NY-er, leggings-H&M, watch-Stradivarius.

Currently on repeat
♫ Robyn- Who's That Girl ♫

xoxo Slađi


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