četrtek, 30. avgust 2012

Nobody's Perfect

Today I finally wore my DIY top with heart, which I have made some time ago. 
I matched it with olive green pants from Stradivarius and Zara yellow heels ( you have all been warned about them :))  

So tell me, how do you like my latest combo !?

Currently on repeat
♫ Jessie J and Vince - Nobody's Perfect ♫

Those two are just amazing!! 

Till next time
xoxo Slađi :) 

sobota, 25. avgust 2012

Handle Me

Today I wore this simple black and white combo which I spiced up with bit of yellow color. 
Those awesome yellow sandals were bought in Zara, while I was still in Germany, and I have to admit im totally in love with them. I think I should already warn you all: "Expect to see me wearing them a lot in my future posts!" :)

Currently on repeat
♫ Robyn - Handle Me ♫

Till next time
xoxo Slađi

petek, 17. avgust 2012

Weekend Runaway Part II

So here is the second part of pics from the last weekend, which I spent with my girls on the seaside... 

...crazy night out...

...couple od pics from our terrace before the way home... 

My girls I had great time and we should definitely repeat this really soon!
( I promise this time I wont go sick ;) )

sreda, 15. avgust 2012

Weekend Runaway Part I

Last weekend I went to the sea side with my girls ...
If we forget the fact that I went sick already the next day after we arrived, I can say we had really awesome time there...  

Rockin' my latest DIY on the way to Croatia... :)
(Twix :)) 

..we arrived late in the evening so we quickly prepared ourselves and went clubbing...

...and after arriving home beautiful view from the terrace was awaiting us...

I was wearing: tee- Stradivarius, skirt - H&M, shoes - Blanco, bracelet - Primark.

ponedeljek, 06. avgust 2012

A Day Full Of Joy

I have finished my German course couple of days ago, so I'm already back in Slovenia... I have to admit I really had great time in Germany and I can't wait to go back again. 

These pictures were taken on the day, when we went to listen Bon Iver concert at Killesberg, Stuttgart. During the walking through Höhenpark Killesberg, we came across this amazing, adorable and over a century old carousel... We just had to take some photos of it :)

Hangin' with my girls... I already miss you so much!! 

Bon Iver - Skinny Love 


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