torek, 26. april 2011

Watch out Paris, Here We Come

I can't describe you how super excited I am. For the first time in my life Im going to Paris with my two lovely cousins and I think we are going to spend a week to remember there. We are leaving on Saturday....
Paris, crazy girls are comming... Be afraid of us!!! ;)

ponedeljek, 25. april 2011

Day Off By The Sea

We use today's day off for a trip to the coast. Its just incredible what energy sea can give you. I think we will have to afford that more often to ourselves. 

I was wearing striped T-shirt from Bershka, baggie jeans and green masculine shoes from Zara. Ohh and trouser braces are from Tally Weijl :)

četrtek, 21. april 2011

Sunniest Spring

There is nothing better then chilling on the grass after stressful work...

P.S. I swear when I went from home shirt has been ironed :P 

sreda, 20. april 2011

Creative Hours

I'm often being attacked by some creative and crazy ideas and that happened to me even yesterday. I get some interesting ideas about fimo jewellery, so I immediately went to Hobby Art store and bought couple of Fimo clays in bright colours. I've spent whole day making all kind of jewellery like rings, necklaces, broches... Yes i was really into it :)
What I love at Fimo clay is unlimited ways in which you can create most beautiful and amazing products. It's a great way to make your own unikat jewellery and by the way the whole procedure is really easy and relaxing. Here are some of my finished products... Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that my cutest niece helped me at the whole process and she was also my model at the end :P

torek, 12. april 2011

I ❤ Miroslava

I think im secretly obsessed with Russian "IT girl" Miroslava Duma.
Her sense of style is amazing and she always looks absolutely adorable. She can pull off any type of look, from grunge to very chick and glam. She was previous editor of Harpar's Bazaar Russia, and now she is freelance writer for several publications in Russia.... Ohh you just have to love this girl!

nedelja, 10. april 2011

Country Girl

Like always when I get something new, even this time I wasn't calm down till I didn't put my new Chucks on :) I pair them with black H&M blouse, denim shorts from Zara and black tights. I know I promised some time ago I will try not to wear black clothes in spring time but my mood these days just dont allow me to wear bright colors...

Newton Faulkner - I Need Something ♫

sobota, 09. april 2011

Chucks Are Finally Mine

I have a lot of wannabe All Star sneakers in almost every color and with all possible prints but I have wanted  original Chuck Taylor All Stars since... hmm... really long time:) I went couple of times out to looking for them and at the end for some reason i didnt get them... I seriously dont know why. So a week ago i decided
 "I want high, beige Chucks!..  And I want them NOW!"
Here they are and I cant wait to take them out for a first walk... :)

sreda, 06. april 2011

Influence Of Leather

 Leather shorts were big trend for Autumn/Winter season but I think they rock as a spring look too. I got these camel one in Stradivarius and I become so obsessed with them that I had to get them in dark brown too:) 
I pair them with jeans shirt from Zara, black tights and golden-brown sandals from H&M. 

torek, 05. april 2011

My Pink Bike

I spent sunny afternoon on my lovely pink bicycle for the first time this year. I was just from work, so my outfit was pretty casual, but I like photos that we have taken so I decide to share them with you. Hope you like it :)

I was wearing: jacket-Stradivarius, shirt-Pull&Bear, jeans and shoes-Zara.

ponedeljek, 04. april 2011


What do you think of man's shoes on women's feet!? Actually, I am talking about male inspired shoes for woman. They are absolute must have this season and i have to admit I am little bit obsessed with them. You can wear them at every occasion and in my opinion they look great with everything. There is no need to dress like a man although I have to admit, this time I was more looking like some boy than a girl :)

I was wearing: sweater, T-shirt and jeans-Zara, shoes-New Yorker.


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