nedelja, 30. december 2012

Last Post This Year

Just a quick hello from Germany where I'm spending my 'Christmas holidays'...
Sorry for a weird face expressions but I think we picked 
the coldes and windiest day for makig an outfit post... 

Cathleen was wearing: jacket & dress Tally Weijl,  no name scarf & boots.

I was wearing: NY-er sweater, H&M shirt and skirt, no name boots.

Rings are from RINGS & TINGS.

I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year!
May it be blessed with  peace, love and joy!
xoxo Slađi

sobota, 22. december 2012


It must be your skin 
that I'm sinking in 
It must be for real cause now I can feel.
And I didn't mind, it's not my kind,
it's not my time to wonder why.
Everything gone white, everything's grey,
now you're here, now you're away.
I don't want this, remember that
I'll never forget where you're at.
Don't let the days go by

Little cutie pie which wanted to be featured on blog :) 
I was wearing: jacket & scarf H&M, tee - NY-er, shorts & shoes VJ STYLE, tights Zara.

Currently on repeat
♫ Bush - Glycerine ♫

P.S. Don't forget to participate in my first giveaway HERE!

xoxo Slađi

četrtek, 20. december 2012

Black & White World + First Giveaway

It's funny how coffe times with my girls always 
turn on into foto sessions at the end...
Totally unplanned oufit post with my awesome camo jacket from VJ STYLE 
and red beanie which I've been wearing really a lot lately (not to mention my lack boots which I'm literally not putting down- sorry!)

I was wearing: beanie - no name, jacket-VJ STYLE, tee&abag - Zara, pants-NY-er, boots - no name.

And for the end I have some great news for all of my readers around the world!
Thanks to the lovely girl Tadeja, which is hidding behind Ixchell - Tadeja's art products, 
one of you will be able to win an awesome pink zebra ring from second photo!
Giveaway runs untill 27th of December, when we two will announce the winner who will be choosen by

All you need to do is:

- like Tadeja's Facebook page HERE
- like my Facebook page HERE
- leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address

Good luck to all!
xoxo Slađi

torek, 18. december 2012

Another Ladies Night Out

I was quiet buisy during the last few days which means 
I again won't be able to serve you a 'normal' outfit post... 
But you can have a sneak peak into my friends outfits at least :) 
It has already become a traditon to organise little party before Christmas
so we again went out last Saturday... 

I was wearing blazer and dress H&M, boots - no name.

      Cocktails drinking, gift exchanging and dancing all night long...
Who wouldn't love our Christmas parties !? :)

xoxo Slađi

ponedeljek, 17. december 2012

Our First Flea Market

Some glimpses from our first Flea Market... 
There was not so much of visitors as we expected but we still had such a good time 
with all girls who came to sell... 
Event succeeded and we are already making some arrangements for the second one... 

Morning preparations...

I was wearing: vest and tee H&M, dress NY-er, boots - no name.

H&aM vest from kids department... :)

Awesome hand made jewelry by Tarnuljčica.

Marina and Neja ...

Beautiful greeting cards and candels made by Gaja & Kim.

Tina's little corner...

My sweet friend Mary rockin' bear scarf  :)

Chit chating with visitors... ;) 

Sandra and Mateja...

Awesome beanies STELLA made by Aleksandra...

Tadeja and Neža with their hand made jewelry...

Part of the "stuff" :)

A big thank you to all my girls who participted and made
our first Flea Market even more awesome!

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi

petek, 14. december 2012

Starry Eyed

A little sneak peak into our 'flea market' meeting.... 
We are going to have a little flea market tomorrow (for the first time in our town) so couple of us girls
 gathered together in our local bar to specify the last details... 
Let's hope everything goes according to plan!

I was wearing: pullover - C&A, shirt - H&M, jeans - NY-er, shoes - no name.

Currently on repeat
♫ Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed ♫

Ohh and by the way, you are all invited to our little event! :)
xoxo Slađi


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