sreda, 28. november 2012


Today I went to shopping with my lovely friend and considering that almost one week 
has passed since my last post we decided to make couple of outfit pics in garage house... 
Weather was really shitty and it didn't stop to rain for the whole day so probably that 
should be a reasons why I 'covered' myself all in black today :) 

I was wearing: H&M - blazer, Zara - tee, DIY skirt and no name boots.

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♫ Ellie Goulding - Lights ♫

xoxo Slađi

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petek, 23. november 2012


Another evening spent with my awesome and stylish girls.... 
I just love those weekly coffe gatherings... 

I was wearing: scared, shirtm leggings - H&M, boots - no name, bag - Zara.

My cousin was wearing: sweater from Stradivarius, scarf-H&M, boots-Pitarello.

Dali was wearing jacket and scarf - H&M, wedge sneakers and Casio watch from Ebay.

Mary was wearing shirt, pants and shoes from our new store Omara, bag from Zara.

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♫ Emeli Sande - Heaven ♫

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi

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sreda, 21. november 2012

Diamonds In The Sky

After a long time of waiting for Mr. Postman to bring me this awesome camo jacket from VJ STYLE
 yesterday he finally knocked on my doors - hip hip huray!!! :)  
As I expected jacket is pure perfection and I just couldn't resist not to make immediately an outfit post :) 

I was wearing:  jacket - VJ STYLE, dress - OASAP, belt - Zara, shoes -  VJ STYLE, cap - H&M.

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♫ Rihanna - Diamonds ♫

I looooove this girl!!!

xoxo Slađi

nedelja, 18. november 2012

Movie Night

Hello everyone!

I'm really sorry for a lack of posts lately but school commitments and exam which is in front of me this week just don't allow me to make some 'normal' outfit post. Beside that, the fact that at 5 a clock  is already dark, don't help me with that as well ( it's unbelieveable how hard is to find some 'photographer' in the morning time :) 
Anyway here are couple of pics from last night when I went to cinema with my lovely cousin and after that we afford ourselves a drink in a local bar.

I was wearing: Faux fur vest - Primark, shirt and jacket - Stradivarius, pants - NZ-er, boots - No name.

I wish everyone nice Sunday ahead!
I will be spending my behind books :S 

nedelja, 11. november 2012

Crazy Night Out

I went clubbing with my girls last night and like always we had lots of fun. As usual we meet us first in our local bar for some quality chit chat and afterwards we finished in Cirkus. Music was again not 'my cup of tea' but with awesome company which I had, fun was just guaranteed! :)

I was wearing: dress & belt - Zara, jacket & scarf - H&M, shoes - no name.

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday everyone... 
As expected I'm bit done... :S

četrtek, 08. november 2012

Dancing On My Own

I'm really sorry for those crappy indoor pics but I just wanted to use a chance to show you my new 'Dr. Martens wannabe' lack boots :) I found them in some random shop in Stuttgart and I think you will see me wearing them a lot this winter ;)

I was wearing: cap-H&M, sweater-NY-er, skirt-DIY, boots-no name.

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♫ Robyn - Dancing On My Own ♫

xx Slađi

ponedeljek, 05. november 2012

Wash Away Those Years

Another awesome day which we spent in nature.. 
I think pictures below talk for themselves so I won't lose words to explain you how nice it was :) 
I was wearing my studded boots (again) and cute H&M dress which my awesome friend bought me - thank you one more time :)
My 'holidays' in Germany are slowly going to end and like that is not sad enough, there is even exam waiting for me in Slovenia.. yupie! 

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♫ Creed - Wash Away Those Years ♫

Wish you all an awesome Monday ahead,
xoxo Slađi.

nedelja, 04. november 2012

Colorful Autumn

Running around in polka dot rain boots, playing with colorful autumn leaves, spending time with my bf... priceless :)

I was wearing: Zara dress (+DIY), boots and scarf: no name. 

Till next time,
xoxo Sladi


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