četrtek, 28. februar 2013

A Night At Xiara

Last night I have visited my friend who recently moved into new flat.
I was so impressed about the flat and all the details in it
I just couldn't stop making photos... 
Few glasses of wine, delicious dinner and great company... 
I really, really enjoyed the evening!

Not kind of post that your are all used to
but I hope you will anyway like this sneak peek into her flat.

Have an awesome Friday everyone!

petek, 22. februar 2013

Too Close

It was a random Thursday and I have spent whole my afternoon in school learning German.
Later my bf picked me up and we went for a dinner to the nearest pub 
which turned out to be a disco actually...
We danced our asses off till we didn't run out of money :)
Unexpected nights out are the best! 

I was wearing: shirt/Stradivarius, tee&necklace/NY-er, skirt/Pimkie, belt/C&A, shoes/Zara.

Currently on repeat
♫ Alex Clare - Too Close (Live Unplugged) ♫

There is something about his voice which makes me listen this live version over and over again! 

Enjoy your Friday everyone! 

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sobota, 16. februar 2013

Everything At Once

Few colorful shots which we made after visiting our hairdresser today..
I was wearing completely casual outfit which I spiced up with silver collar necklace.

I was wearing: sweater/Pimkie, shirt/Stradivarius, DIY Levis cut offs, collar necklace/C&A.

Currently on repeat
♫ Lenka - Everything At Once ♫

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies :) 
xx Slađi

petek, 15. februar 2013

Winter Wonderland

Many of you may already know that I'm not big fan of snow 
but I seriously couldn't resist not to make few photos 
in this beautiful 'Winter Wonderland'. 

Of course I was wearing even coat over all this but considering that you saw it in bunch of posts already I think it's totally not photogenic anymore :)

I was wearing: pants & shoes/Zara, blazer/H&M, tee/Bershka, scarf/no name.

Wish you all a happy Friday!

ponedeljek, 11. februar 2013

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Few days ago my boyfriend surprised me with a 'Champagne breakfast' in restaurant near us... 
Good food, delicious coffee and sparkling wine at 10 a.m...
It was an interesting start to the day ;)

I was wearing: coat&shirt/Stradivarius, sweater&shoes/Zara, dress/H&M.

Happy Monday afternoon everyone!
xx Slađi

petek, 08. februar 2013

TT Gloves

Writting messages and browsing our phone outside during these cold, winter months
is problem that we are almost all familiar with. In collaboration with TT gloves team
I'm presenting you gloves which are made for all of us "touch screen freaks" :)

Now we can use our phones, respond to a text messages and even answer a call with gloves.
And that is not all... For all of you who are interested to get one pair
of  touch screen gloves TTgloves site is offering you 20% discount
on all their products + extra 10% off to all readers of my blog
with code SLADZI, which you use at the check out.

This winter we will be all able to use any kind of touchscreen devices while keeping our hands warm in TT gloves ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!
xx Sladi

sreda, 06. februar 2013

Back To Base + Giveaway Winner

Please excuse me for not announcing MsDressy giveaway winner on 4th February as I promised 
but these days I got simply no time... For those who don't know yet,
I'm back in Germany to continue with my German language lessons... 
I'm going to stay here till middle of March and hopefully 
I will be able to make a lot of outfit posts during that time.

Wearing my new geek prescription glasses and Zara ankle boots which I found on sales for 70% off.

I was wearing: scarf/no name, leather vest,pants/NY-er, shirt, ankle boots/Zara.

With little late, Mr Random pick the winner of MsDressy giveaway 
under comment 24 - daliborka14@yahoo.com. 
Congratulations, I will contact you over e-mail! 

And for all the other readers, MsDressy prepared few great discount codes :

20.00$  (CODE: 733fc3482e) valid from 02/05/2013 to 02/20/2013
30.00$ (CODE: 36ba600e47) valid from 02/05/2013 to 02/20/2013
50.00$ (CODE: 849193c2a6) valid from 02/05/2013 to 03/05/2013 - for a purchase over 300$

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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