torek, 31. maj 2011

On The Forest Path

Last day I have visited one of the nearest shopping centre with my causin... Honestly, I just wanted to make her comapany while she is shopping but at the end I have to admit my hands were fuller then hers... upsy :)  ..One of my new candies from that day is also this cute T-shirt which I wore it today... In the minute when I saw it hanging in New Yorker, I knew it was just made for me :) 
I match it with checkered shirt from Primark, jeans shorts also from New Yorker and with Zara boots... 

sreda, 25. maj 2011

Morning In The Town

Pics were taken during 'lunch time' today... it was really beautiful sunny morning... and this was my super casual outfit...

nedelja, 22. maj 2011

Where Have You Been Hiding Pebbles

Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet ... I was so happy when I found my old T-shirt with lovely Pebbles on, at the bottom of the closet.. So much time passed since I last time wore it... hmm.. I dont even remember.. I was really excited about finding... Like I got something new again.. And then I began to think seriously "Should I start to hide things from me!?" :)

I was wearing H&M soft pink blazer, 'Pebbles' T-shirt from Zara, brown trousers from Stradivarius and beige no name shoes. 

sobota, 21. maj 2011

Black Swan

Our last day in Paris... It was again one of those days when I would wear only black clothes.. ... possible because I was a bit depressed.. 
...we spent most of the day chillin at Jardin du Luxembourg... priceless..

...and before we said goodbye to sweet Paris we went once again to Eiffel Tower...

četrtek, 19. maj 2011

Walt Disney World

During our vacations in Paris two weeks ago, we also visit Disneyland and it was fantastic! We had chance to met all kinds of famous charachters from Walt Disney World and the adrenalin rides were just amazing. It was really funny to run after Pluton to take pic with him.. or dance with Pinocchio's father.. or learn to play Tam-Tam with jungle master.. or look for a way out of the 'Alice in Wonderland' labiryinth... or shoot enemies in Toy's World.. and.. and...:) Honestly if all that would happened to me 10 years ago, my heart probably wouldn't handle all the excitement :)
We really had soooo much fun there so if you are somewhere near Paris I would throughly recommend visit of that Magic World!


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