nedelja, 31. marec 2013

Online Finds - Sheinside

Over the weekend I caught some nasty cold from somewhere 
which means I had a lot of free time to
browse all my favorite blogs and websites... 
I also stopped at online shop Sheinside and considering that their 
products have really caught my attention I made few collages with my favorites.
Which set or piece do you like the most?

Obsession over BOY brand is obvious! :)

You can find more fashionable clothes on: Sheinside

Have a nice Sunday everyone! 
xxx Slađi

četrtek, 28. marec 2013

You've Got The Love

I was wearing: sweater/NY-er, shirt/VJ STYLE, skirt, shoes/Zara, belt/C&A.

Currently on repeat
♫ Florence and the Machine - You've Got The Love ♫

Have a nice day lovelies! :)

ponedeljek, 25. marec 2013

Insta Mix

Instagram has become my latest obsession and 
it was just a matter of time when even I will make my first Insta post...

1. Train ride boredom
2. Best present EVER (Rihanna tickets)
3. Beanie night in local bar
4. Cuddling time
5. Outfit of the day
6. Carnival party
7. Beautiful view
8. Us :) 
9. Clubbing with my girls
10. Selfie with my cousin
11. Pizza night
12. Clubbing with my bf
13. Selfie with a lollipop
14. We love Casio
15. S like ... 
16. Outfit of the day

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xxx Slađi

petek, 22. marec 2013

Just Breathe

Another awesome thing which was hiding in a Nowistyle goddie box was this skull backpack 
which I'm totally in love with... Runing around with it for a whole day today
totally made me feel like I'm back in high school again...

I was wearing: shirt/Primark, sweater/H&M, shorts/DIY, backpack/Nowistyle.
photos: by Marina

I know, I know.. photos overload but I seriously couldn't decide.. :)

Currently on repeat
♫ Pearl Jam - Just Breathe ♫

Ohh and don't forget to check Romwe site, they have an awesome Easter Day sale!
Up to 70% OFF with galaxy gifts (Bowtie / collar / bag)
It's a best chance to get all spring stuff and save a looot!
03/27/2013 - 03/29/2013
More on:

Happy weekend everyone!

četrtek, 21. marec 2013

Online Finds

Few days ago I came across another interesting fashion site called Coco-Fashion.
It's in Hong Kong based online shop which offers Asian and Korean fashion branded 
clothing for woman including shoes and bags. 
Their products are really nice and fashionable and what stole my attention the 
most were their prices... my mouth literally dropped when I saw how low prices they have! 
If you don't believe me, convince yourself :) 

While browsing their shop I found a lot of clothes which I would love 
to have in my closet, so I decided to make few collages with my favorites... 

Stripes and Spikes

College jacket and Wedges

Flowers and Spikes

Which one is your favorite piece?

Till next time,
xoxo Slađi

torek, 19. marec 2013

It's So Fluffy I'm Gonna Die

I've been looking for a perfect black faux fur jacket for a while now
and last month I finally found the right one at Ahaishopping online shop.
It's so warm & fluffy and it gives perfect touch to every outfit.
I thought till I'll receive it temperatures won't allow me to wear it anymore,
but there is one good thing about this March's snow attack after all... 

I was wearing: faux fur/Ahaishopping, tee&shorts/NY-er, shirt/Stradivarius, shoes/VJ Style.

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Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone! 

ponedeljek, 18. marec 2013

Let The Sunshine In

When I was almost sure that spring is knocking at our doors,
another snow attack completely shocked me this morning.
"Dear snow, now it should be enough, please go away!"
However here are few photos from sunny Friday afternoon, 
when there was no trace of snow and weather was still resembled spring.
I think we made quiet interesing photos...

I was wearing: coat/Stradivarius, dress&sweater/Zara kids, vest/NY-er, necklace/ebay, boots/no name.

Hope you have a great Monday!
xx Slađi

petek, 15. marec 2013

White Walls

After amazing month and a half in Germany,
reality is knocking on my doors again.
I'm little bit excited to see my family and all my friends back again,
and at the same time really sad to leave my bf and all friends which I have here.
However I hope I will come back soon and till then
I'll keep in my mind...

"Distance means so little, when someone means so much!"

I was wearing: jacket/second hand, scarf/Nowistyle, vest/Primark, tee,pants/NY-er, Chucks.

Currently on repeat
♫ Macklemore - White Walls ♫

Happy Friday everyone!

torek, 12. marec 2013

Can You Imagine

Another piece of clothing which was hiding in Nowistyle package 
of goodies, was also this orange/green stripped top. 
I match it with white H&M shirt, statement necklace 
and black pair of jeans... Simple but effective! :)

Currently on repeat
♫ Prop Dylan - Can You Imagine ♫

Have a nice day everyone! 


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