petek, 27. februar 2015


Photos by Jelena Filipović

Hello everyone! 

After a looong time and after a few ups and downs here I am again, 
stronger, smarter and ready to kick some asses.
Just kidding, the only person who need few kicks is me I guess :)
Anyways first little something about my outfit which I wore yesterday.. 
As we all already know mixing chic pieces with all kinds of sporty sneakers is this season full on fire
and personally I love this trend. All of my inspirational walls and folders are covered with it
and honestly I'm wearing it on a daily basis. Yesterday for example
I decided to mix and match my mum's old camel coat 
with my new Nike-ies.. Something old, something new... :) 
To that I add still one of my fav Mango oversized dress which I wore even here .. 
(I mean every time I wear it someone asks "hey did you lose some weight?" So I guess you understand why it is my fav :P ) 
and that was basically it.. my uniform.. I would even sleep in that outfit if I could :P

Currently on repeat
♫  X Ambassadors - Unconsolable  ♫ 

Have a nice weekend everyone!
xx Slađi


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