nedelja, 27. maj 2012

Oasap Asymmetrical Hoodie

Simple, easy going outfit, with my new Oasap Asymmetrical Hoodie was just perfect for today's lunch with my good old friends... 

I was wearing: Oasap Asymmetrical Hoodie, Stradivarius shirt, H&M shorts and All Stars.

P.S. Huge sorry for the lack of posts lately but I was ( for the hundreth time this year) again sick.. sooo not funny!  

xoxo Slađi

nedelja, 20. maj 2012

Where Have You Been

Temperatures have finally warmed up a bit and I was again jumping around bare legs... awesome! :)

I was wearing: Sunglasses, shirt - Stradivarius, Tee - H&M, Shorts, boots - NY-er.

Currently on repeat
 Rihanna - Where Have You Been ♫ 

ponedeljek, 14. maj 2012

Graffiti Wall

Most of the time I dont have a clue what to write here...  Even this time is no exception.. :)
Here are a couple of pictures of my today's outfit and I hope you like them... 

Currently on repeat
 Rihanna - Talk That Talk ♫ 

petek, 04. maj 2012

Finally Outside

Hello everyone!

First I have to apologise for longer absence of blogging but I´m again in Germany on my little vacations these days and instead of enjoying nice weather outside, strolling round the city and making pics for my blog, I have spent most of the week in bed. Not funny!! I went totally sick after I arrived and fever didn´t want to go away for couple of days. Anyway, I finally felt bit better yesterday so we took a short walk to city, chilled on the grass and later afford us couple of drinks with friends...
 You can really see on my face that Im not healthiest person on earth but I was sooo happy to be outside again! 

I was wearing: Primark hat, Zara T-shirt, DIY shorts and Stradivarius boots.

I wish everyone awesome Friday ahead!


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