sreda, 30. januar 2013

Another Furry Day

With jacket, without jacket...
with beanie, without beanie... 
Which version do you like more? :)

I was wearing: no name beanie, shirt & boots Zara, faux fur Primark, jacket & pants Stradivarius, ring Ebay.

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Wish you all a happy Wednesday! 

ponedeljek, 28. januar 2013

Green Day

I have been hunting for the perfect pair of dark green, skinny jeans for quiet some time already,
so you can probably imagine how happy I was when I fit into those NY-er pants
which cost only 4,95 EUR :) yes you read it correct, pants for less then 5 EUR... 
Gosh I love sales! 

I was wearing: no name scarf, Bershka tee, H&M blazer, NY-er pants, VJ Style boots.

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nedelja, 27. januar 2013

Read All About It

First of all ignore that 'photogenic' background behind me (pretty please!)
 It's kind of a routine to go for a morning coffee with my cousin every Sunday,
so we just made few shots in front of our local bar, hidden behind piles of dirty snow today...
I don't know how is with you but I'm already praying for an early spring!

I was wearing: Pimkie vest, NY-er tee, VJ Style skirt, VJ Style ring, no name boots.

Currently on repeat
♫ Emeli Sande - Read All About It ♫

Have a nice and easy Sunday everyone!

petek, 25. januar 2013

My New Tiger Sweat

You have seen this tiger sweater on hundreds of blogs already... I know, I know... 
But the fact is since I first time got my eyes on it I just knew I have to have it :) 
Thanks to awesome people from Vj Style my wish has finally came true! 

I was wearing: coat - Stradivarius, VJ STYLE sweater, shirt - H&M, jeans - Bershka, wedges - Zara, necklace - ebay

Thanks to my mum for making this photos,
I didn't know her photography skills are so good :)

Happy Friday everyone! 

ponedeljek, 21. januar 2013

MsDressy Giveaway

My dear readers it's time for a wonderful giveaway organized in
collaboration with Msdressy, online store I love!

Do you remember my dress from post Unusual me !? 

...or do you like any of these dresses?

Thanks to great people from online shop MsDressy
one of you will have the chance to win an 80$ gift vaucher!!! Ready!? Go!!

All you need to do to enter this fabulous Giveaway is:

1. step: You need an account at Msdressy, please make one if you haven't yet;

2. step: Like Msdressy on Facebook;

Like Indestructible Style on Facebook;

3. step:  Leave a comment with the email you registered in Msdressy here. This is very important so they can send you the prize!

I will choose the winner via The giveaway closes in two weeks ( on 4th February) Good luck !


petek, 18. januar 2013

Coffe Time With My Girls

One of those things which always lifts my mood!
And when we add a mini shopping spree to that,
 a smile on face is guaranteed.

Mary was wearing: Omara jacket, H&M vest, NY-er dress, Zara boots and Roberto Cavalli watch.

Dali was wearing: sweater NY-er, leather pants H&M and Timberland boots by Mass.

I was wearing: no name scarf, Zara jacket and tee, belt C&A, pants NY-er, no name boots.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
xoxo Slađi

sreda, 16. januar 2013

It's Still Snowing

Snow, snow go away, come again... well... never... or ok.. on Christmas day ;) 
It's not that I completely don't like snow but in my opinion few days per year would be perfectly enough.

I was wearing: jacket - Terranova, pulover & pants-NY-er, shoes - no name.

ponedeljek, 14. januar 2013

Floral Elements

Few pictures from photo shooting which my boyfriend and I organised in his flat :)
I was wearing cute VJ STYLE jacket, NY-er necklace and bf's Element cap.

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You can win a cute mustache ring!!!

sobota, 12. januar 2013

One Day

Another random day in a completely random outfit... 
I feel like I wear this outfit constantly (with different pants and tee of course :) )
Let's just call it Slađi's uniform... 

I was wearing: Bershka jeans, NY-er sweater, shirt & necklace, no name boots.

Currently on repeat
♫ Asaf Avidan - One Day (Remix) ♫

Have a nice weekend everyone!
Kisses & hugs


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