nedelja, 27. marec 2011

Friday Switch Off

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words...  

I was wearing: boots-Stradivarius, jeans leggins & sweater-no name, T shirt-H&M, necklace-Tally Weijl, sunglasses-Hugo Boss

četrtek, 24. marec 2011

Hello Spring

It's spring people! I know, I know its here for couple of days already, but today i finally get it 'depressing winter is behind us'! It's officially time to throw away heavy sweaters of fall, coats, winter boots and especially dark colors. It's time to lighten up our wardrobe and bring on some fun with colors and patterns. With that post I'm saying goodbye to black colour. Bye bye... ;) 

Bright Sunny Day

The weather was so nice yesterday so I went on my first "photo trip" with brand new cam. I made a lot of nice photos and I have to admit for a moment I felt as a real photographer :) Here is just a little sneak peek into my outfit from yesterday... Hope you like it.

sreda, 23. marec 2011

Finally Here

I've been dying to get my hands on a DSLR for quite sometime. Life of my previous camera was not so long and i have to admit it was all after my fault. I broke it some time ago during some awesome party and since then i was waiting and looking for a new one. Anyway, because I graduated couple of weeks ago, I decide to award myself with nothing else than Nikon D3100. So yesterday i finally got it and I am super excited!!!

I am really impressed with what this camera can do! And I still have a lot to learn but so far I love it! Expect a lot of outfit pics from now on.. ;)

sreda, 16. marec 2011

ZARA Fashion Show

Last week my lovely cousine and I went to visit Zara fashion show where we got the preview of the upcoming spring-summer collection. The whole collection was absolutely adorable and so was the event. The outfits reminds me on explosion of amazing colors and contrasting combinations. Like always I liked every single item and all those colors make me want summertime even more! I made a lot of pics with my Iphone but models were just too fast for me so you can imagine what the quality of pics is..

Conslusion: I seriously think I have to start put some money on a side! And those pink harem pants...They must be mine!

petek, 11. marec 2011


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