petek, 22. januar 2016

Sure Thing

Hello, hello :) 

Quick update with some forgotten blog photos. 
End of the year we decided to visit Barcelona and see a football match at the famous Camp Nou.
Second thing never happpend because I was so stupid and have bought tickets with wrong dates!
Yes you read it correctly! I think that can only happen to chaos ME.
However a lot of money was thrown away for that intention, I still din't recover
from a disappointment and anger
so we will rather leave this theme for some other time :)

While strolling through streets of Barcelona we fell more and more
in love with this, as a one friendly citizen who crossed our way said, funky city.
Big city full of bars and shops, kind and helpful people and amazing spots
which you can discover on foot. 
In case you still wasn't there - totally recommended! :)

I was wearing: jacket, skirt, backpack - H&M
T-shirt - ZARA
sneakers - Adidas

Currently on repeat
♫ Miguel - Sure Thing  ♫

Have a nice weekend everyone!
xx Slađi


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