ponedeljek, 02. maj 2011

Paris Part 1

Bonjour.. :) We have arrived to Paris two days ago and all I can say is wauuu :) Paris is sooo beautiful and Eiffel tower is sooo big  :) Here are couple of pics from our first day...

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  1. Wauuu, kakšne fotke <3 tista z Eifflovim stolpom je tako huda da je sploh ne morm nehat gledat!

    Klobuček&hlače so perfect :) uživaj v Parizuuu...jaz jutri letim v London :) wuhuuu

  2. amazing post my dear and I love these photos. your outfit is absolutely perfect with the hat and the flowered trousers, ma petit parisienne. :) oh Paris is such a magical city. the most amazing place I've ever been. bisous ma belle

  3. Yes i totally agree with you...paris is really amazing city:) thank you for lovely compliments but i also have to commend your outfit on pics:) ..and i really really like your crocheted t-shirt! :)

  4. Divan Pariz, kako ga samo volim!
    Ps. mnogo mi se svidja tvoj blog, imas odlicne kombinacije...:)
    Pratim te...



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