sobota, 09. julij 2011

I ❤ Erin Wasson

Errin Wasson, American supermodel, designer, artist, muse, stylist, art collector... is definitely one of biggest style icons and trendsetters at the moment.
 What I like the most about her personal style is that in most cases it seems like she has just thrown together some ripped and torn pieces of clothes, which at the end come together PERFECTLY... Convince yourself... :)

All I can say is "Absolutely gorgeous!"

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  1. i wasn't very familiar with her work, except her jewelery line, before i saw her featured in a book a while back and she caught my attention right away. she's kind of bad-ass-chic!

  2. Woow she's so gorgeous! And it's unbelievable how she can do a simple thing in an awesome piece in her outfit! Love her.

  3. Love this girl. She looks great in almost anything she puts together. :) Thanks for the sweet comment. Following you. xx

  4. she looks wonderful! also thx for your lovely comment. :)
    i am following.

    la tiquismiquis

  5. Totally agree with you!!!She's the best, amazing and stylish!

  6. Yes this girl is really amazing! And thank you girls for nice comments :)

  7. she is perfect

  8. Love Erin!!!
    Her style is fabulous!!!!
    Great photos!!!



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