četrtek, 12. december 2013

Online Finds - PersunMall

Considering that I am on 'shopping diet' lately I really have to keep myself away from temptations and so far I'm quiet successful.
Normally when I would be bored I would just dress myself and run to the closest shopping mall but lately situation is a bit different...
I started to use my free time in more useful way... Wait for it.. I started to bake :)
So I'm slowly becoming a little pro in that case (it still sounds like science fiction to me) and I really enjoy it.
I just hope that end result won't be +10 kg on my weight.

However, my shopping diet don't forbid me to check online shops so I made two collages
with PersunMall goodies in case Santa don't know what to leave me under the tree this year ;) 

6. jacket, 7. skirt, 8. sweater, 9. ankle boots, 10. bag, 11. necklace
illustration source: http://antoniosoares.tumblr.com/

Which is your favorit piece!?

Till next time,
xxx Slađi

3 komentarji:

  1. Čizmice iz prvog seta bih baš voljela vidjeti ispod drvca :D

  2. Kozna jakna je sjajna! Kao i crni kaput. U potrazi sam za slicnim ;-)

    Amadeus On The Catwalk



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