sreda, 19. junij 2013

Online Finds - Statement Necklace

I don't know how is with you but I'm always searching for some new statement necklace. 
You have probably noticed that I'm not an earring fan, but statement necklaces are completely my thing. 
I just love how they can perfectly pick up the outfit or give a right touch even to a plain tee.
I have them few already, but do you know that saying "Girl can never have enough shoes" ... 
well, I guess it's same even with necklaces :)

So I browse today through MaxNina site, which beside wedding dresses and designer dresses
offers also a men's clothing and a lot of jewelry. You should definitely check them out in case you still didn't. 
However, my wish list was quiet long but at the end I still pick out my summer favorites. 

While 'necklace-hunting' I also stop on eFoxCity site and check their offer. I'm pretty sure 
most of you have already heard about their online shop but for those of you who didn't 
you can check it out HERE. It offers china wholesale products including
 homecoming dresses, short mini cocktail dresses 
as well as a men's clothing and accessories. 
Anyways, these eFoxCity beauties are on my wish list right now:

Have a nice day peeps!
Hope you are all handling this summer heatwave.
xxx Slađi

4 komentarji:

  1. Prelepe su sve!

  2. Baš sam gledala za naručiti ovu 4. na prvoj slici, baš mi se sviđa:)

  3. Lepe su mi sve, posebno zelena cvetna na prvoj slici.



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