nedelja, 21. julij 2013

Online Finds - Udobuy

Last night I was again browsing Udobuy online shop and (again!) found so much pieces 
which would just perfectly fit into my closet. So I made two collages
 to show you how I would style some of them. 

(I'm totally into flowers lately so I melted away when I saw this cute dress)

Leather Skirt

And talking about Udobuy shop, they have great promotions at the moment. 
One of them are also 'Hollow out' and '3 pieces for 79$'. 
They have put together few styles and if you buy all three pieces at once, 
you pay only 79$ which is much much cheaper then at original price. 

Another thing which I also found interesting is the fact, 
that from now on you can browse their shop and place an order simply over mobile.
 For more info click (HERE)

Have a nice Sunday,
xxx Slađi

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