sreda, 01. januar 2014


Hello everyone!

First of all I wish you all the best in 2014! 
Hope you spent an amazing New Year's Eve and there is no hangover today :) 

I had already mentioned to you in one of my earlier posts that I'm on a shopping diet so I found perfect
solution to not spend a single cent but still refresh my closet a bit. 
While visiting my family I start digging deep in my mum's closet for hidden treasures and it was completely  worth it. 
I found this perfect, oversized, beige coat which is probably same old as me :) 
With mum's help we customize it to my body shape and my wishlist finally went shorter for one piece. 

I was wearing: coat / mum's closet, scarf / DIY, pants / Mango, sweater / H&M, sneakers / Converse

Currently on repeat
♫ Third Eye Blind - Wounded ♫


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