torek, 04. marec 2014

Last Mile Home

I was wearing: jacket, scarf, sneakers / H&M, jumper / Stradivarius, pants / no name

As a big fan of relaxed and easy-going outfits I have to say that slip-on sneakers are totally my cup of a tea.
Browsing through pages, searching for some perfect yet affordable pair made me realize 
that I should own one pair already ( bought maybe 3 or 4 years ago ).. 
So I throw myself into search and here they are... brand new, not even worn :) 
I guess sometimes it pays to be a clothing hoarder :)

Currently on repeat
♫ Kings Of Leon - Last Mile Home (acoustic) ♫

6 komentarjev:

  1. Predivna si :)

    E imaš kod mene post o tome da pokažeš svoj outfit i dobiš odma 10$ na stranici :)

    ljubim te,


  2. Lepi su mi svi komadi, ali džemper je naj

  3. Predivna si, dzemper je odlican :D



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