petek, 27. junij 2014

Lollipop & Chicnova

I was wearing: dress / Chicnova, sandals / no name, backpack / Tally Weijl, glasses / Ebay

Hello hello,

hopefully there is still some soul who check up on my blog now and then :) I know I'm really really bad with posting lately but as usual I was pretty busy if 'busy' is visiting family in Slovenia and going to a seaside for a few days :) Anyways I'm finally back and I'm fully motivated for blogging again :) 

About my outfit today ... I was wearing this cutest, lace dress which I got thanks to Chicnova.
Considering that I'm lately in some kind of  a 'boho' mood I think this will be most worn piece this summer. 
Sandals are from some random shop here in Stuttgart and backpack is already well known here on blog... 

photos by : Jelena Filipović

Currently on repeat
♫ Lil Wayn - Lollipop ♫

8 komentarjev:

  1. Divna haljina i super fotke!!!

  2. Superje i haljinica i lak za nokte, a bogami i lolipop! Daj što više ovakvih postova.

  3. super je haljinica, a nas dvije se stalno pratimo sa idejama za slikanje :D hahahaha i ja sam ubacila lizalicu u zadnji post :)

  4. Predivne fotke, haljinica mi je savršena, predivne boje lolipop-a i noktića. :)

  5. Preslatko na sve moguće načine! :*

  6. Izgledas predivno i mnogo mi se dopada tvoja bela cipkana haljina.
    Lizalica :) <3

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