petek, 10. oktober 2014


I was wearing: cardigan, pants, bag, necklace - H&M
shirt, boots - Zara

Photos by Jelena Filipović

Lately I've spent a lot of time thinking about my blog.
I wanted to completely change it, start it on a new 
but then again I think I spent way to much of energy and time 
to shut it down so easy. So I started to think "what could I do better", "what would people like to see",...
And the first thought which cross my mind was of course 'writing'.. 
Althoug blog looks pretty awesome since Jelena started to take care of my pictures, 
I'm aware that I should put more of myself out here. Actually, when I think a bit better, I never even mentioned
why I'm in Germany, what exactly am I doing here, how I'm handling cultural and language obstacles..
but all that and more I will try to explain in future posts ;)

Currently on repeat

♫  SIA - Chandelier  ♫ 

Have a nice weekend everyone!
xxx Slađi

8 komentarjev:

  1. lovely!!! vratila sam se da se divim tvojoj frizuri i tome kako si lijepa pa ti tako dobro stoji!!! divno kao i uvjek i divne slike ♡ kisses

  2. Celoten outfit je res hud!!! Čevlji so noro dobri in torba <3 !!

  3. very nice look :) love your cardigan!

  4. Vrlo lep jesenji look, ti si jedna od retkih blogerki kojima super stoji kratka kosa.

  5. divan jesenski outfit...

  6. Nice!
    I love the necklace!

  7. Prelepo :)

  8. Prelijep blog i svi outfiti. Frizura je za deset. Veliki pozdrav iz Praga :) Melisa



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