sobota, 04. junij 2011

My Red Trousers

My mum often says I am 'trash collector' because I really hard get rid of my old stuff, whether it is piece of clothing or something else. But what can I do when there is always question in my head "What if I might need that someday?" Similar story has happened with my those red jeans. Unbeliveable, but I'm saving them since I was in elementary school :) Last day while I was reorganizing my closet for the hundredth time this month I think, I found them again.. I immediately started with rearranging them when I was sudenly struck with the fact that my figure has been changed considerably during those ten years...and when I say considerably i mean CONSIDERABLY :)  But I was optimistic and rebellious.. With a lot of will, huge effort and after two broken nails I finally made it.. I put them on yupiee :)) (ok, we will forget the fact that I was barely breathing at that moment) So I didn't think anymore, I just grab transperent black top from H&M, black peep toe shoes, my Nikon and run out to take some pics until my trousers don't burst through all possible seams :)  

4 komentarji:

  1. Love this outfit, especially the red trousers which you should wear more often and those shoes. Soooo perfect! Beautiful pictures once again honey. xx

  2. Cute shoes, cute necklace, fabulous pants ....well, the whole outfit is great!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  3. Crvene traperice su mi jedan od naj odjevnih predmeta u zadnje vrijeme :) Odlično ti stoje, slažem se sa prvim komentarom!

  4. Ohh THANK YOU girls for so nice comments!!! I see i will have to wear those trousers more often in future!...of course if they dont burst sooner:))



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