nedelja, 14. april 2013

With Every Heartbeat

Hello guys!
Long time no hear from me but my illness prevent me to do any kind of posts, again! 
I don't know is it because of this "winter in april" kind of weather or my immune system just sucks,
but I catch all the viruses going. It's definitely not funny anymore.
Anyways, last week I received this cute, custom-made cocktail dress from Dressestylist online shop.
and it fit me perfectly. I match it with my denim jacket 
and studded belt to add a bit of a rock chic touch. 
Hope you like my combo ;) 

I was wearing: jacket,tights /Zara, dress/ Dressestylist, belt/ C&A, shoes,bracelet/VJ Style.

Make up: Dali
Photos by  Urban Meglič

Currently on repeat
♫ Robyn - With Every Heartbeat ♫

P.S. Dressestylist has all the up-and-coming prom styles available to you! Go for bright orange or fuchsia gown to astound your friends with a big entrance. Whatever your dream look may be, you'll have no issue making it a reality when it comes to Like their FB page on  and get 10$ couponBeside that, they have a free shipping for all dresses from now on! 

Have an awesome Sunday everyone,
xxx Slađi

27 komentarjev:

  1. This dress is so gorgeous! Hope u will be fine too, get well:);)
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

    1. Thank you a lot Alexandra :) Actually at the moment I feel much much better ;)

  2. Odgovori
    1. ...i meni se jako svidja ;) Hvala ti Ivana :D

  3. Kok si lepa, kr ne morem se nagledat fotk :). Super oblekca!


    1. Oo full hvala Gita za tak kompliment (blush) :D

  4. Odlicna kombinacija, haljina ti je divna, jako si lijepa :-)

  5. super ja haljina, bas ti lijepo stoji!

  6. Kako su ti slatke stramplice, a tek haljina, a tek tii :))))

  7. fenomenalno! kad sam videla prvu sliku pomislila sam kako me podsecas na robyn , kad na kraju njena pesma :)

  8. love this dress ! : > you look so pretty:>

  9. Predivna!!
    Toliko zenstvenosti i prefinjenosti.Skroz si divna!!
    Svaka cast na izboru haljine!!

  10. Te popolnoma razumem, moj imunski sistem se je tudi bolj kot ne sesul to zimo! :D Izgledaš pa fantastično, všeč mi je kontrast med ženstveno obleko in noro frizuro :)

  11. Joj, divna si u ovoj kombinaciji ;)
    Prelepo ti stoji!

  12. Ovo je divno! Super si iskombinovala ovu haljinu!

  13. Svidja mi se haljinica, lepo ukombinovano sve :)

  14. Kak si lepa. Kot da bi šla na maturanski ples.

  15. super izgledas! :-) mnogo mi se svidja haljina :-)



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