četrtek, 16. maj 2013

Insta Mix

Just a few of my Insta shots from a previous month.
For all of you who are still not following me... Come on what are you waiting for :P
You can find me under name @sladzi :)

1. Flea Market preparations
2. Cooking with my nephew
3. Burning some calories
4. Awesome view

5. His beach equipment
6. Chillin'
7. Waking up near the sea
8. Just two of us :)

9. Night out with my girls
10. Curly Slađi 
11. Selfie
12. Another ladies night out

Have a nice Thursday peeps :)
xxx Slađi

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14 komentarjev:

  1. Prelepe slike , narocito ona pink :)

  2. Ful mi je všeč ta kodrasta frizurca, lepa si! ;) x

  3. you look awesome with the curly hair!

  4. Skodrana frizurca ti ful paše ;)

  5. Lijepe fotografije, uvijena kosa ti savrseno stoji :)

  6. obozavam instagram, bas cu morati pregledati tvoj profil! Uglavnom, super su ti slike :)

  7. Ma preslatki ste mi just the two of you! <3 Super zurkica, i curly i ravna, odmah mi dođe da se ošišam :)



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