sobota, 15. februar 2014

Insta Mix

Getting a photographer for an outfit post these days is seriously like mission impossible 
so I hope a little sneak peek into my Instagram profile will work for now ;) 

1. Home Sweet Home

2. Beautiful Rosenstein Park, 3. New in, 4. Coffee Time
5. Enjoying the evening with my girls
6. Dinner with my other half , 7. Party Time, 8. Another Party Time :)
9. Coffee with my girls

P.S. My username is @sladzi - just in case you wanna' follow :)


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4 komentarji:

  1. Kuca ti je tako udobna i divna. :)

    1. Hvala ti puno Kristina! Bas mi je drago sto ti se svidja :D

  2. I kauč i jastučići mi se mnogo sviđaju.



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