sreda, 20. april 2011

Creative Hours

I'm often being attacked by some creative and crazy ideas and that happened to me even yesterday. I get some interesting ideas about fimo jewellery, so I immediately went to Hobby Art store and bought couple of Fimo clays in bright colours. I've spent whole day making all kind of jewellery like rings, necklaces, broches... Yes i was really into it :)
What I love at Fimo clay is unlimited ways in which you can create most beautiful and amazing products. It's a great way to make your own unikat jewellery and by the way the whole procedure is really easy and relaxing. Here are some of my finished products... Ohh and I almost forgot to mention that my cutest niece helped me at the whole process and she was also my model at the end :P

4 komentarji:

  1. Stylish and creative, honey!

    Hope I'll get one of the rose rings, really like them. :)

  2. I have already prepared couple of them for you :)

  3. Veoma kreativno, svidja mi se. Moram da probam sa fimom, bila sam skepticna, ali tvoji komadi nakita mi se mnogo svidjaju :)

  4. Da, da skroz slatko. Posebno ova malena rucica! Ne, stvarno, vidjala sam ovo prstenje i sve bi ja, nemoj da mislis da ne bi, nego nemam vremena...Predivno je!



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