torek, 05. april 2011

My Pink Bike

I spent sunny afternoon on my lovely pink bicycle for the first time this year. I was just from work, so my outfit was pretty casual, but I like photos that we have taken so I decide to share them with you. Hope you like it :)

I was wearing: jacket-Stradivarius, shirt-Pull&Bear, jeans and shoes-Zara.

3 komentarji:

  1. Wooo, zakon kolo! Želim si točno takega (le z otroškim sedežem zadaj)! :)

  2. Kolo <3 moje naj prevozno sredstvo!Všeč mi je kombinacija....casual, ampak ful dobro pride! :)

  3. joooooooooj bike! I just recently got mine, it's pink and purple and vintage, I have to take some photos and post them :)



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