ponedeljek, 04. april 2011


What do you think of man's shoes on women's feet!? Actually, I am talking about male inspired shoes for woman. They are absolute must have this season and i have to admit I am little bit obsessed with them. You can wear them at every occasion and in my opinion they look great with everything. There is no need to dress like a man although I have to admit, this time I was more looking like some boy than a girl :)

I was wearing: sweater, T-shirt and jeans-Zara, shoes-New Yorker.

2 komentarja:

  1. Dober outfit! Vidim, da si šele dobro začela blogat ampak, če boš tako nadaljevala bo tvoj blog zelo zanimiv in posledično tudi oblegan!

    Pozdravi tvojo 5 spremljevalko in sokrajanko! ;)

  2. Hvala za spodbudne besede! in pa "Welcome to my blog" :)



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