sobota, 09. april 2011

Chucks Are Finally Mine

I have a lot of wannabe All Star sneakers in almost every color and with all possible prints but I have wanted  original Chuck Taylor All Stars since... hmm... really long time:) I went couple of times out to looking for them and at the end for some reason i didnt get them... I seriously dont know why. So a week ago i decided
 "I want high, beige Chucks!..  And I want them NOW!"
Here they are and I cant wait to take them out for a first walk... :)

2 komentarja:

  1. Oh yes, I can affirm your big collection of sneakers in different colours. :D

    And your new Chucks are really awesome!

  2. Thank you honey :) yesterday we were first day out and yes they are really awesome :P



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